Our Story

Hot springs are my favorite places. An oasis nestled in a freezing forest or a warm river in an endless frosty desert. Is there anything better than getting sweaty on a hike, then slipping into steamy waters surrounded by nature? Or being on a long journey, in a foreign place, and finding the local hot water retreat? These have become my purist moments of bliss.

Without great challenges we don't truly appreciate the reprieves  and that's always been my approach to self care. Going on an extremely cold scuba dive adventure, then taking a warm bath. Going on a multi-day backpacking trip, then scrubbing the dirt off of my body in the best shower moment that exists. 

The perception that the adventurous and the outdoorsy do not care about cleaning up, or taking care of themselves, is outdated. We're allowed to be complex people, with different sides to our souls. On a four-day camping trip to the remote San Miguel Island in 2020 I had the idea to start a selfcare company dedicated to those of us who like to get dirty. And then clean again. A sustainable company, creating water-free products in lightweight and durable packaging that could be taken on adventures without spilling, breaking, or squishing. I wanted to create little mini moments of bliss while out camping or after a long day on an airplane. Or even just after a hard day of work. I wanted to put that hot spring into an aluminum container for you to take wherever your feet can take you.

- Michelle Halpin, Founder & Product Designer


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