Why I'm So Grateful For Blue Friday — A Message From Our Founder

Michelle Halpin Silt Skincare Founder Scientific Diving

I noticed a few other businesses posting about Blue Friday on social media, and instantly knew it was something I wanted Silt to be a part of.  As a passionate scuba diver, and volunteer scientific diver with Reef Check, I spend a lot of my time underwater. The effects of climate change and human consumerism aren't just theoretical buzz words to me, I see it first hand. The ocean is our litmus test of how we're doing at conservation at sustainability, and right now it needs our help. 

Michelle Halpin Silt Skincare Founder San Miguel Island

I had the idea for Silt while camping on a tiny island off the coast of California. There is no better place to witness first hand the impact of the human species on the rest of the natural world. On this wildly remote island, where elephant and fur seals come to have their babies, there was still a vast amount of plastic debris coating the beaches and being blown in shore. I didn't want my need for self care to take away anything from these beautiful places. 

The name "Silt" comes from several inspirations. The most obvious is that our products are deliciously soft biodegradable powders, that when mixed with water, strongly resemble silt or sediment being kicked up in streams.

But on a deeper level I loved that silt is one of the materials that connects all parts of our world. Silt is found in glaciers, and alpine streams. It is found in rivers flowing through wild meadows and big cities alike. It is found on the ocean floor and flowing throughout the planet on strong ocean currents. Silt connects waters and places, and is a reminder that what ends up in our soils, streams, and oceans affects every tiny organism in this world. 

Michelle Halpin Founder Silt Skincare in Death Valley

When you use a self care product I want you to think of not only where it came from, supply chains and ingredients are very important, but also where it ends up. Whether you're using it outdoors directly, or letting it flow down a drain, there will be an impact. Even if you're using recycled plastic, it will contribute to pollution. It's in our power to reduce our impact.

I want every aspect of Silt to be working towards this goal, and that includes our holiday promotions. That is why Silt decided to contribute 20% of revenue this holiday season to Blue Friday. I want there to be an alternative to large corporate sales and high volume consumerism, where you still receive savings and quality products, but the planet does too. 

 - Michelle Halpin, Founder Silt Skincare

Blue Friday, Giving Purpose To Your Purchase

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