The Perfect Selfcare Gift For These Eleven People On Your List — The Silt Skincare Gift Guide

Think skincare is just for your mom or girlfriends? Think again  we have something for everyone on your list. Skincare isn't just for those struggling with specific issues, it's here to make you feel clean, soft, and healthy as a part of your daily routine. Or it can be for a special occasion to treat and focus on yourself. There are many ways to incorporate self care into different lifestyles, so we've gone ahead and outlined some of the products we think the different personalities of your shopping list would enjoy. 


The perfect gift for the zero waster

1) The Zero Waster

Silt is plastic-free, biodegradable, and ultra-lightweight resulting in a minimal carbon footprint. We only use aluminum and kraft paper for packaging, which are compostable and infinitely recyclable. Kraft paper refills will be coming to the website soon and we're already in several local refill stores. Any Silt product is sure to delight the sustainability focused Zero Waster in your life. 

2) The Business Traveler

Know somebody always on the go? It can be really hard to establish solid routines when you live a fast paced and dynamic lifestyle. You're either frequently buying travel sized products or refilling your small bottles, both of which can be annoying and easily forgotten. This person would love any of our Powder Cleansers, as well as our Foaming Rice Polish for exfoliating the long travel days away. They can either throw the full size bottles in their carry-ons since they're TSA friendly, or refill our travel tins for a short trip. 

3) The Selfcare Lover

This one's easy. They love skincare products and taking a moment for themselves at the end of the day. They're already well versed in all things self care and are always excited to add a new product to their arsenal. A mask, a bath soak, and a solid skincare routine are the things that bring them joy, so you really can't go wrong here. 

The perfect gift for the traveler

4) The Backpacker

Being lightweight and biodegradable lends itself perfectly to be the go to self care product to take on a backpacking trip. While outdoorsy folks tend to be low maintenance, once they feel the joy of washing their face at the end of a long trail we're pretty sure there will be no turning back. We recommend our Soothing Powder Cleanser, or standard Powder Facial Cleanser, as well as one of our travel tins

5) The Stressed Student

After long nights studying and cramming for tests, the stressed student deserves a a break. If a tub is available to them (looking at you, parent's house) then the Recovery Salt Soak is calling their name. The Restoring Body Scrub will help them recover from weeks of neglect in either a tub or shower. Better yet, just get them the bundle. They'll emerge with a little bit of their humanity back ready to do it all over again. 

6) The Granola

The Granola takes it a few steps further than the zero waster. This person isn't just looking to reduce they're packaging, it's a whole hippy lifestyle. The granola will love starting and ending their days with our Powder Cleansers, knowing that the ingredients are vegan, cruelty free, and minimally impacting the environment once they go down the drain.

The perfect gift for the backpacker

7) The Guy That's Never Tried Skincare

We love this guy. He's unsure of where to start, gets easily overwhelmed, and thinks skincare might not be for him. He uses bar soap on his face and thinks it's fine. While there's nothing wrong with that, we're very sure that once he tries Powder Cleanser and our Foaming Rice Polish he'll be astonished with how soft and good his face feels. The rice polish is the ideal choice for someone with a beard or stubble, it helps exfoliate the hard to reach skin and keep the hair follicles clear and healthy.  

8) The Deserving Mom 

There's nobody more deserving of the Basecamp Bundle  than this woman. A few hours in the tub and massaging some rich oils into ignored skin is just what she'll want to relax and take a moment for herself. Some Foaming Rice Polish is likely to make her feel very special and soft as well.  A bonus of using Silt products is knowing everything is gentle and non toxic, just in case the little ones decide to raid mom's cabinets. 

9) The Nomad

The nomad is generally pretty low maintenance, but craves a little bit of the normalcy of a routine. Up until now, it was hard to keep skincare products with them in their bag, van, boat, bicycle, or however they get around. Our Powder Cleansers are going to be a game changer for them, and they're going to be so excited you introduced them to Silt. 

The perfect gift for the self-care lover

10) The Spa Addict 

If it's luxurious scents they crave, then our Recovery Salt Soak is what they'll want. Cedar, eucalyptus, and sandalwood weave together to create an intoxicating scent that is woodsy and herbal and restorative. MCT oil adds a subtle sweetness to the scent, and lightly moisturizes the skin while soaking, helping lock in moisture after the bath is over. This product was inspired by forest hot springs, and trying to bring them into your home. Add the Restoring Body Scrub with the Basecamp Bundle and you'll have one happy spa addict. 

11) The Ingredient Investigator 

We all know someone who is the new expert in skincare formulation, and honestly, good for them! At Silt we love our customers that are highly educated in every single possible ingredient, because we've also put so much thought and consideration into each one. There are no filler ingredients here, no preservatives, not harsh surfactants. Each ingredient has a purpose, is great for your skin, and the environment too. So we welcome the harsh eyes here, and we're pretty sure whichever Silt product you pick up will live up to their very high standards.  

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