Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine With Enzyme Exfoliation

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The sun's coming out, flowers are blooming, waterfalls are flowing — and your skin is ready for some change as well. 

This time of year we're all coming out of our shells. The comfy blankets are being thrown off, hiking boots dusted, and we're emerging into the world in a big way for the first time in many months. It's also a time for big changes in our skin. Not only is the environment changing- warming up, humidity rising- but we're also spending more time outdoors and changing our exercise & eating habits.

Over the winter a lot of us experience drier skin and focus on moisturizers. Spring is a great time to change up your routine to include a gentle exfoliator. With the coming of spring it's a good idea to encourage the rate of cell turnover, allowing healthier & smoother skin to come to the surface. There are many harsh acids and scrubs on the market touting excellent exfoliation, but these products are more likely to cause irritation to your beautiful post-hibernation skin.

Enzyme exfoliation is extremely gentle to your skin as it only targets the bonds holding the dead skin cells together. Acids and scrubs can go beyond the dead skin and start attacking the healthy cells causing redness, stinging, and extreme dryness.

enzyme exfoliation

Enzyme exfoliation is a natural process that utilizes renewable resources and is safe for all skin types- we've had acne-prone teenagers as well as women in their 90s utilize this gentle exfoliation technique. Our Foaming Rice Polish will give you immediate results due to it's highly effective bromelain enzyme exfoliation. This is the perfect renewing skin care step for your post winter skin. 

While you'll feel the softness immediately after the first use, the more regularly you exfoliate the more your skin will be jumpstarted to increase cellular production. This actually makes the exfoliator more and more effective over time. The perfect self care ingredient to make your skin brighter and brighter everyday, just like the sunshine during the spring!

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