11 Ways Silt Skincare Powder Cleanser Helps The Planet

11 ways Silt Skincare powder cleansers help the planet (and your skin)

At Silt Skincare, we take caring for our planet pretty seriously. In fact, our entire brand is focused around creating products that are as good for the planet as they are for your skin. Here are 11 ways our powder cleansers help save the planet (and your skin).

Biodegradable powder cleanser
  • Easily Biodegradable

All of our powder cleansers are made from natural occurring ingredients on earth! Each ingredient naturally break down into its simplest building blocks in nature. They actually give back nutrients and minerals to the earth without harming it, making it eco friendly and safe for our planet.

  • Vegan

All of our products are vegan! Each of the ingredients used in our powder cleansers are plant and mineral based, which reduces the overall carbon footprint on earth.

  • Plastic-Free

Every part of our product development is done with Earth’s best interest in mind. From the product design to the product packaging, we made sure to eliminate the use of plastics for our products. Plastics don’t degrade in nature, and most “commercially compostable” products have tobe processed under high heat conditions, not in regular soil. Not only that, but tons of plastic products end up in our oceans harming valuable ecosystems that regulate our environment and also provide beauty and joy.

  • Recyclable Bottles

At Silt Skincare, we are very intentional with what materials we use to package our powder cleansers. We chose to package our powder cleaners in recycled aluminum containers, which is one of the easiest materials to recycle. It retains 100% of it’s mass and material properties, and around 75% of aluminum ever created is still in circulation. We source recycled bottles, and when you recycle yours you’re participating in a circular economy that is a huge step towards sustainability.

  • Lightweight = Minimal Carbon Footprint

The water has been removed from our products and aluminum is extremely lightweight. This results in a very minimal package weight when shipping, as well as smaller packages (more per truck) so our product’s carbon footprint is a small fraction of an equivalent product.

kraft paper packaging
  • Recyclable/Home Compostable Packing Materials

All of our packaging uses recycled paper, boxes and materials! We really wanted to make it easy for our customers to easily recycle the packaging. We repurpose packing materials that we receive from our suppliers and if do purchase new it’s always 100% compostable or recyclable kraft paper. It takes a community to make the type of changes our planet needs.

  • Ingredients are eco friendly sourced

We ensure to source our ingredients from sustainable and eco friendly sources. For example, our beloved pineapple enzymes are sourced from the byproducts of the pineapple juice industry, making it a zero waste ingredient. Bentontie and other clays are readily available and don’t need any harmful strip mining. We love knowing where our ingredients come from and how they’re affecting the environment before & after we use them in our formulas.

  • Active ingredients stay active forever

Not only is this one great for the planet, but is also so good for your skin! Now, we won’t get into the science behind it (even though we can and if that’s your jam, we’ll have more info soon), but the powder cleansers have active ingredients that last almost forever! The powder cleansers don’t go through any degradation unlike liquid cleansers that degrade due to hydrolysis. This means that every time you use the powder cleanser, it will always have active ingredients that activate on water to cleanse your skin. This also means that you won’t have to throw out your products because they’ve gone bad, and there’s nothing more sustainable than that!

  • No Preservatives or Parabens

Since most skin care lines have water in their products, they add preservatives or parabens to slow down the ingredients degradation. The dry environment acts as our preservative so we don’t need to add any harmful chemicals to combat degradation, leaving our formulas skin and earth friendly.

pineapple, text saying "Bromelain"
  • Natural Nourishing ingredients 

The founder used her background in biomedical engineering to engineer the perfect powder cleanser with the most nourishing and natural ingredients that will leave your skin healthy. She focused on using all natural ingredients like:

Chamomile = soothing

Rice = nourishing

Pineapple enzymes = exfoliating

Black charcoal = detoxifying

Bentonite clay = absorbent and smoothing

She wanted only the best natural vegan ingredients for our customers.

  • Concentrated (1 bottle = 4 cleansers)

The powder cleansers are concentrated meaning that a little goes a long way. In fact, 1 bottle of powder cleanser outlast a regular liquid cleanser by 4 times! This reduces the carbon footprint and makes it affordable and easy to throw in your bag for travel.

We love our planet and we make sure to approach our business in a way that gives back to our gorgeous earth. Finally, skincare your skin & the earth can feel good about!

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